• Rehabilitation without the need for costly and disruptive digging of trenches
  • A “structural” liner which meets current rail loading specifications:
    • dragged in through the existing host pipe
    • inflated with air
    • cured in place with UV-light
    • back in service immediately after curing
  • The only access points that are required for this process are the manholes (both ends)
  • Up to 1500mm dia, 400m long and any shape pipes/culverts can be rehabilitated by this technique
  • All the connections into the rehabilitated pipe can be marked up and re-opened after the curing process with milling machines (robotic cutters)
  • UV-lining Unit
    UV Light Source
    Mobile UV-lining Unit with UV Light Source
    Protection Foil in the bottom
    Dragging in the liner
    End cap placement
    UV control monitor
    Controlled curing process
    Cured Liner